Our Support

We do system management, hardware manufacturing and design. We provide a broad range of services, interfaces and platforms across a spectrum of industries including custom electronics, software development and testing, computer-aided design (CAD), and industrial automation

Why Fantem?


We are committed to providing our customers with more product support and services. We can help you set up a brand training plan designed for your needs, we provide full support of brand sales, and complete and comprehensive training of our system using our rich experience in project support, and the mature capability of our research and development. We want to accomplish this by building strong relationships with our clients on their business need basis.

Home Security

Motion sensor, camera, siren… various accessories secure your home safety.

Energy Saving

Monitoring consumption and adjust indoor climate intelligently.

Excellent Interaction

Smart home expert, knows your better, always puts you on the first place.

Simple Installation

Scan QR code to pair it to hub and instantly include in your smart home.

Wireless Connection

Zigbee, IR, BT and Wi-Fi, wirelessly connect one without changing anything.

Strong Compatibility

Stay open and support more third party products.

Our support

Service System

The service team has more than 10 years of smart home device experience, focusing on home automation and security applications. For users who want to establish a smart home ecosystem with a single solution, we will provide technical support services to ensure that you can use your product smoothly and efficiently.