Smart Scene Mode, help to design your home scene with any situation. You can also give commands in a relaxed and natural manner; the smart home environment will meet your needs, making convenience and comfort for your whole family. Yitoa Smart Life system can create a variety of adjustable flexible scene modes, which allow you to do many things simultaneously, and save time in your daily chores.


Preset Your Favorite Scenes

With the array of home automation devices you can always DIY your own scene mode according to your preference or needs.


Waking Up Scene

Lights simulates sunrise can gently wake you up. Curtain opens itself and sunshine is aspersed indoor. Light illuminates as you walk and darken itself if you leave… You can enjoy breakfast time and Yitoa Smart Life will do the rest.

Bed Time Scene

Click customize scene Sleep can you go to sleep and let devices work themselves: lights darken to off and night lights on, doors locked and unnecessary power off, security system on to safeguard your home.

Movie Night Scene

After dinner, click customize scene Movie to create your personal cinema and enjoy your movie time.

Visitors Scene

Receiving Lights in living room adjusts itself to suitable luminance, creating a comfortalbe environment for receiving visitors.

Leaving Home Scene

One click of customize scene Leave can you leave home carefreely: unnecessary power off themselves and security system work on itself to guard your home.

Coming Home Scene

On your way home, click customize scene Home can your home prepares to welcome you: air conditioner adjusts temperature, ventilation refreshes indoor air, water heater prepares itself for you to bath…

Party Scene

Gather some friends to take a Party on weekend: curtains close and lights flicker, music comes and there is your happy hour.