Thermostat Series

Home Conditioning Controls

Knob Thermostat (Zigbee)

It support voice control like Tmall and other intelligent assistant. Use smart life to preset your AC and create scene that better suit your day and season. Knob lets you control 3 level of fans, on/off switch, AC cooling or heating and display of temperatures, you can even long press and short press to preset and timer you day to day thermostat scene.

Displays your thermostat settings.

Central AC Control Gateway

Smart Central Air Conditioning Controller is using wi-fi and zigbee base technology with smart function remote control, pre-timing, voice control and scene linkage. By switching timer when the AC turns on and off automatically it will save you electricity and protects the environment. It is also easy to install and easy to connect. Because it can be integrated to Tmall Genie, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, You can use voice activation to control your home thermostat. With Tuya smart life app, you can set scenes that works in different seasons. In this way your home can become more intelligent and full of personality!