Sensor Series

Built-in Intelligent Detectors

Multi-functional Sensor

Multi-functional Sensor has many different sensors: It combines 4 parameters to measure temperature, humidity, luminance and motion. It can also alert and trigger customized automation of your smart home once the temperature has dropped or increased by a certain value. And it sends notifications automatically any time your system changes. It allows you to control your home environment by creating a comfortable living space. It uses the ambient temperature and humidity data collected from sensors to make automated changes to lights, air conditioners, plants and many other appliances. Multi-functional Sensor controls multiple smart devices from one central location.


The Multi-functional Sensor is a self correcting measuring device that delivers superior results. With an Anti-Dismantle Design, the Multi-Function sensor has a 360 degree Magnetic Base that can tilt in any direction and includes an optional hidden ceiling mount bracket.

It can be powered up from USB cable or through two CR123A batteries (not included).


Smart devices are great, but sometimes you just want to know when something unusual happens in your home. MultiSensor works as both a window alarm and Burglar Alarm for minor threats like barking dogs or knocking on the door, but it can also trigger custom automations to light up your home after sunset, turn off lights when you’re not at home, or even send an alert by e-mail or text message.


MultiSensor can detect Humidity, Light and Temperature from multiple connected devices automatically. Pleasant temperature makes home adorable so when the air becomes too dry, our sensor will send an instruction to remote devices such as humidifier, air conditioner and lighting to adjust the indoor environment. By presetting light threshold, MultiSensor can detect indoor lightness and makes indoor lights dimming intelligently to catch the preset light threshold.  Home is where your heart is, by connecting to your Smart devices, this sensor can save you money by making sure that your appliances are being used for their intended purposes!

Magnetic Door Window Sensor

It’s not just doors and windows; sensors can detect all the dynamics in your home to realize the intelligence of the whole house. Get alerts when a lock is opened or closed, The magnetic door window sensors can be used as part of your security system, when you open the door or window, it will automatically send a message to users and trigger the security system to safeguard your home. It has an ultra-strong magnet to detect the switch state between the main body and the magnet by inductance.


Get rid of the hassle and enjoy a new life without opening the door to lock. A magnetic door window sensor and smart 24/7 Smart Technology enable you to set it as a trigger of a customized automation: when you back home after work, at the time you open the door, lights will on and curtain opens by themselves.

Door Window Sensor

This beautiful elegant triangular-shape sensor and functional magnetic door window sensor is a smart home essential. Its super-strong magnetic field effortlessly attaches to any cabinet, wall, or door. Set it up to trigger an automated routine when you arrive home from work, or open the door at the end of the day. The included app for IOS and Android makes it easy to control your lights and curtain right from your phone.


Transform any door or window into a sophisticated security system. The magnetic sensor detects the opening of doors or windows and triggers the security system to automatically protect your home. This high-quality, low-cost solution detects when doors and windows are opened at all times, even if you leave them unlatched.

This door and window sensor will alert you in case of any intrusion, day or night. It has built in detection technology that can sense when  people is opening and closing doors. And if your housekeeper isn’t looking out for it, he’ll keep an eye out on his own!

Carbon-Monoxide Detector

The CO detector uses a high performance electrochemical sensor that works by converting the electrical energy generated by combustion into an analog signal. As the flow of electricity to the sensor is controlled by the amount of CO in the gas, the bigger the level of CO, the more electricity will be produced. The resulting digital signal is used to set off alarm or notify your phone via push notification.

The carbon monoxide detector is reliable and serves to protect your family from being exposed to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. It emits 85 decibel alarms, which will alert you as soon as carbon monoxide levels are too high in your home. The carbon monoxide detector can be used in any room and can detect the presence of carbon monoxide even when there is poor ventilation  in the room.


Gas Detector

Gas leaks can be deadly, so protecting your family is vital.  Installing a gas detector is one of the simplest and most effective ways to protect your home from carbon monoxide poisoning. Our gas detector identifies combustible gas leakage with Tuya wireless module, and high stability semi-conductor gas sensor it will alarm when the gas density in air exceeds alarm level.

With this device, you can be sure that the gas detector will always be ready for use and it will send alerts to your mobile phone immediately in case of danger from natural gas, so you can act fast. It also has an 70 decibel alarm which will wake up even a heavy sleeping person with its high and loud sound.


Smoke Detector

The Smoke Detector is a smart photoelectric smoke alarm, with ultra-low-power Zigbee wireless network technology design. It is capable of real-time detection of smoke fire. Red LED flashes rapidly to notify of danger. With I20 decibel sound alarm it will alert you  and your family timely, You will be informed when danger is even out of sight while you are busy or in the same room with the fire. It is an excellent assistant to save your life and property. It can be widely used in household, lounge, coffee house, dancing hall any other places need fire alarms.