Security Series

27/7 Smart Guards

Security Series

Outdoor IP Camera

Smart IP outdoor camera has IR night vision and Full High Definition 1080p resolution. It has 12 IR lights and can detect up to 12 meter range. Security features includes Active detection, night identification and sensitive resistance. Super easy to setup with one-key. You can record in HD real-time for 24 hours. With it’s large aperture it can capture IR vision clearly. Suitable for multiple scenes, just install in different places and it will monitor your property, and works with Tuya smart life app.


The outdoor IP camera with a built-in 355°  horizontal rotation and 110°  vertical rotation lets you catch more details of the surrounding area. Install 64GB and up SD card for large memory to record videos in high quality. It is easy connect by scanning QR code and downloading Smart Life App. Because it has cloud platform you can view wide angle vision on your phone, anywhere, anytime!


Indoor Camera

Want to keep a watchful eye on your home and office premises? Get the Smart Indoor IP Camera. This 1080p camera has a wide angle lens that offers clear high resolution with multi-layer optical lens for better image. It also supports two way audio so you can enjoy crystal clear communication with others or even prevent crime using this feature. With night-vision, smart features like active detection and sensitive resistance, it’s everything you need to protect your home or office.
With the Tuya Smart Life App, you can see what’s happening around the house from anywhere. And thanks to our one-key setup, installation is made easy and fast. Setup your camera in minutes by scanning the QR code on the box, downloading the app and tapping “connect to device” with your Tuya Smart Home account. The camera will greet you with a simple one step setup process that automatically adds it in your system. Once connected, you can view live video from anywhere using the app or long press on this device.

Multi-client remote control you can share with your close family member for multiple monitoring. It’s 60° wide-angle monitoring, 355° horizontal rotation and 155°  vertical rotation, your eyes is everywhere in the room with no dead zone.

Smart Door Lock

Add safety and security to your home with a Smart Door Lock, a Bluetooth-enabled, fully automatic Zigbee / Tuya lock. With 8 ways to unlock your door: visual doorbell, fingerprints, magnetic key card, password unlock, app lock/unlock, combination password, temporary password and legacy mechanical key. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting your key or carrying an inconvenient fob around with you. Compatible with all smart phones, you can use your device’s screen as a visual doorbell or to get in and out of your home hands-free. You can also set up temporary passwords for guests or service people using the app. Easily control access to your house from anywhere by setting temporary codes or adding permanent presets from inside the Smart Life App.


Smart door locks are a great way to increase convenience and security. With this smart door lock, you can create a passcode that only you know to unlock. It also serves as visual intercom, front lens cat eye 160°  camera captures the wide angle of the front door and visitor’s door bell action and homeowners can view from the 3.5” LCD display screen on the other side of the door lock. The front number keypad has strong backlight so you can accurately key in your code and IR intelligent fill light to adapt to variety of light environment and identify faces.

Our Smart Door Lock is using advance fingerprint technology OFILM/SILEAD sensor. It can efficiently scan fingerprint accurately and identify homeowner’s information, so the lock can automatically memorize your fingerprints. One of its best security feature is anti-skid alarm, when encountering forceful lock picking or door opening, the smart door lock will alarm to inform the owner and also sends push notification via smart phone app. Locked out because of low battery? No problem–plug in your power bank to supply electricity and key-in your password.