Remote Series

Smart Wireless Controllers

Touch Scene Remote

Touch Scene Remote is the link between smart home gateway, smartphone and internet. Using the touch screen, you can control any device around the house. It also features gesture recognition and preset tactile buttons for scene settings like lighting, thermostats, and monitoring.

The ultra-low power consumption of the battery further extends its service life. For wall-mounted installation, concealed wire installation can be used to achieve true wireless installation.

The touch screen adopts 5-inch IPS touch screen, anti-fingerprint technology, high-speed smart chip, and the operation is super fast and smooth.

The system uses user-friendly UI interface and customizable functions.


It has a built-in timer and alarm with multiple functions that make it easy to check the time, set timers or alarms for different periods of time, and even add a countdown timer.

The touch scene remote connects to a reliable and easy-to-use home security system or gateway. You no longer have to worry about any alarms knowing your home is protected 24/7. The touch scene remote integrated siren scares away burglars and alerts you when the alarm goes off. All supported sensors and accessories can be accessed as needed.


Mote is a rechargeable portable smart switch that supports wireless control and button customization of one device and/or four preset scenes. The touch is smoother and the response is more sensitive. Mote can be customized in many different ways: you can use it to trigger personalized scenes or use its buttons to customize functions.


Crystal-like buttons give users a good experience with fast response. Tempered glass material makes Mote waterproof, dustproof, easy to clean and durable.

Mote is easy to customize and intuitive. With four buttons, you can control multiple scenes or create your own personalized life scene settings. Every mode is a treat, and every vibe is just right.
The Mote is an ultra-low profile soft indicator light that helps you find switch locations and directions. The device can be mounted on a wall or a cabinet, making it safe for children and the elderly. Installation is very easy!


With Wallmote, you can easily switch scenes and easily customize your smart home system. This touch button scene switching is compatible with all Fanten and Tuya products, allowing customers to enjoy the fun of switching scenes and customizing settings with one key. The device also has a smoothing feature to improve battery life and extend the fun of your smart devices in your home.

With the Smart Life App, you can set various scenes for your smart life. One-key easy control, one-key operation.


It is a wireless wall switch with a small size and a thickness of only 13mm, which can be easily carried to the balcony, bedroom, kitchen, etc. It can be conveniently fixed to the wall or controlled remotely via a mobile app on your smartphone. Indicated with a soft light signal on the button, it’s easy to know when it’s time to turn. This will reduce distractions when working long hours at night.

Use double-sided tape to fix it anywhere you like, no wiring required. The control panel is mounted on a raised mesh platform so you can easily see and access it.


Shortcut to your mood Lights with the Minimote. This scene remote is ideal for use with compatible Zigbee smart bulbs, lamps and light strips. The tactile buttons are created to feel like an extension of your hand and can be used to control each scene independently (or together) or double-tap and long-press functions. You can even program your favorite shortcuts in the app.

Our Minimote is the perfect smart home companion. The app and remote allow you to control any bulb or scene from anywhere in your home, even when your phone is offline. Using the instructions within the smart home app, program the “ON” button to single, double and long press for more desired functions. Control all bulbs with one click.

The sleek and streamlined shape of the controller makes it easy to take anywhere.


Knob Dimmer Switch

Enjoy the convenience of your smart home with this Knob Dimmer Switch. To turn off lights and thermostats, just press it. Switch the knob to dim smart home lights, and create smart multi-scenes for smart devices in the App in scene mode.

The Knob Dimmer Switch is the ultimate solution for controlling existing lighting in a space. Easy to use, 4 operations in remote control mode to meet different needs: single press to turn on/off the bulb, rotate to normal dimmer, long press for more than 3 seconds to set color temperature or scene, long press for more than 3 seconds to set color.


The smart knob allows you to create any smart automation you want on the smartphone app, start your smart lifestyle, no more voice commands, no more time to open your apps, just a simple operation to trigger The scene you set.

Smart Curtain Motor

With this one-touch solution, you never have to worry about controlling your blinds, curtain rods, and other drapes in your home anymore. Just touch the smart scene panel to open or close the curtain freely. (It needs to be used in conjunction with a device with a gateway function.)

Our curtain motor controller is a convenient IoT solution. It can help you control your curtains remotely and wirelessly, control it at will, and let it stop at any position you want.


Users can set their own modes, which are saved each time the controller is set up. Users can also remotely control the shades through the app, or use any other device after connecting themselves.

Whether you’re cutting, relaxing, or parking, the shade controller supports voice control. Users can control the curtains by talking to smart speakers such as Tmall Genie or Xiaodu.

Smart Motor Roller Blind

This smart motor controller blind is an automatic roller blind that provides natural light and privacy at the click of a button. Motorized roller blinds have no cords or chains, so they are maintenance-free and offer a high level of child safety, making them perfect for your bedroom and playroom.

Easy to use – switch or control, this model allows you to run shades up and down in any position. The silent motor controller shutter provides a heavy-duty DC motor that requires no battery replacement or recharging.


Ideal for blinds, easy to replace motorized/remote controlled blinds and drapes. Lift capacity with standard adapter: 4.4 lbs (2 kg).

IR Blaster Plus

Getting a smart home isn’t just about buying more expensive devices. Our universal infrared remote control provides you with all functions of your device, so you can enjoy all your smart devices. Save money by controlling up to 80,000+ IR-controlled devices at once without the need for multiple sensors or remotes. This all-in-one IR remote has many practical uses: you can control the TV from your smartphone, change the channel in bed or turn off the water heater in the bathroom.

The DIY Learning Remote with Smart Life is a small, easy-to-use and convenient device. Just plug in the device, download the Smart Life app on your smartphone, and connect to the device you want to control. The best part is that it doesn’t take up too much space or make a mess when traveling. You can easily turn on or off any number of devices from anywhere in the world using our simple app.

Control all your devices with a universal infrared remote. The remote lets you do anything your device can do with the push of a button. Whether you want to turn on the air conditioner or fire up Netflix, this remote will do it. The simplicity doesn’t stop there, either. With our app-based smart home platform, you’ll be able to control multiple devices at once and they’ll all work in sync with each other.