Lighting Series

Intelligently Illuminating Homes

Smart Bulb

Smart Bulb is a smart, designer bulb that supports changing of colors and luminance. It can interact with other devices as well, allowing you to create various scenes you like. Smart Bulb has 3 kinds of white lights and supports more than 16 million color matching, which can be managed through an App or touch control.
The new generation of smart lights can be controlled by voice and timers. With the latest Tmall Genie voice assistant or Amazon Alexa voice assistant, you can control the light switch through voice commands. Bulb supports preset lighting modes that can be customized according to user’s preferences and habits (gentle light for reading, dazzling light for party, etc.). Bulbs also offer a smart home automation function that works with other devices such as Nest thermostat and Google Home etc.

Smart Recessed LED Ceiling Light

Turn your home into a smart home with this Smart Recessed LED Ceiling Light that brings you colorful atmosphere with the help of mobile APP control. You can change the color and brightness at will, create a bright and warm atmosphere when you are dining; create a carnival and gorgeous atmosphere for your party… you can One-click in a custom scene to get your preset multi-device ambience. It has rich colors and scene modes that can be changed at will, multi-device custom scene, as well as bright and comfortable warm white light (2700K, 700 lumens, equivalent to 7W).

What makes this ceiling light so smart? How about it uses Zigbee Mesh / Tuya, so the wireless control can always keep the rhythm of color change consistent. Ultra-Slim integrated design quick-connect terminal, good heat dissipation, 120° beam angle, high brightness, colorful dimmable, 100% no stroboscopic, Color matching great for bedrooms and offices.

Dimmable LED Light

Smart Dimmable LED Light has 3 color temperatures to pick from in just 1 light. Affordable smart downlight with color temperature adjustable light. The IP65 fire rated LED light is suitable for use in every room of the house, also suitable to be fitted in as coving lights. With all 3 color temperatures in 1 downlight you can match all the rooms in your house with ease. With only a 40mm unit depth so are suitable for use in every room of the house, also suitable to be fitted in as coving lights. The lamp also comes with a smart push-fit loop in and loop out terminals which make wiring the smart ceiling lights easier and faster to set up. 60 Degree beam angle, 600 Lumens, 50,000 hours lifetime , Flicker free driver, Cut out size between 65mm and 82mm, 50/60hz, 6w. 30°tiltable angle offers more choices for lighting range.


Smart LED Strip

Add a splash of color to your home with our Smart LED Strip lighting. It is convenient, light and with 16 million color changeable. It will cooperate with other devices to create different lighting scenarios or automation. For incredibly Easy Installation it has easy-tear 3M adhesive tape to stick on surfaces. User can attach it to anywhere they need. You can control the color temperature and light intensity, and you can choose the colorful light color, feel the radiant atmosphere, and make life more textured!

Smart LED strip lights are smart, energy efficient and easy to install. It supports Voice Control such as T-mall Genie, Alexa and Google Assistant. Enable the smart life app on your phone and use voice command to change colors and brightness or power your led lights on/off.  Music sync mode built in the app, so sync your mic and your music together, so you can light up a room to any song!