Electrician Series

Smart Electrical Switches

Tap Switch Panels Wall Switch

One Way/ Two Way / Three Way Panel Series

You can use this 3-way wall switch panel in any room of your home. Ideal for living room, bedrooms, guest rooms and other tiny spaces, the one way/ two way/ three way wall switch is crafted from a flame retardant material that is lightweight yet sturdy.

The Panels Wall Switch is the perfect replacement for regular wall switches without the cost and hassle of installation. It also has easy recognition dual control, and multi control wireless function. It is also supported smart timing, switch off your light automatically when you fall asleep at night, or set an automatic delay to turn it on later in tandem with In-wall Switches.


Personalized Scene Setting


Borderless Minimalist


LED Soft Indicator

Tap Scene Panels Wall Switch

Four Way Panel Series

Scene Panel Wall Switch has four buttons that supports 12 different scenes, it can be single click, double click and long button press to active scenes. Made of PC flame retardant materials, Scene Panel Wall Switch is energy-saving, sturdy and durable. It can replace your existing traditional switches directly. The new Tap Switch Panels Wall Switch connects via an electrical outlet and allows you to control your lights using voice commands. Perfect for times when your hands are full or entering a dark room, you can use it for light dimming, operate roller shutter motor for curtains opening and closing.
The integrated smart timer function makes it easier to control your lights on a schedule. You can set timers for day and night, or turn on/off the lights automatically at any moment that you want. Connect to mobile phone through the ‘Smart Life’ APP, and you can start controlling the lights from anywhere in the world just a tap away.

Tap Motor Controller

P Series

Our 3 button switch panels can control your roller shutter motor curtain. It also has voice control when your hand is full. You can customize scenes using dual control or multi-control functions. And it uses flame retardant PC material.

Take the hassle out of turning your curtains up/down or close/open. With this controller, you can use schedules to set your switch to automatically open/ close or on /up and down off while you’re home or away. You can even use the smart setting feature to sync your curtains to adjust with the sunset and sunrise/weather/temperature and even air quality. The app provides 2-way talk so you can share it with multiple family members and Auto open/close options (1min/5min/30min/1 hour etc.)


S Series Wall Switch Panel

One Way, Two Way, Four Way

This smart glass touch wall switch panel is the perfect replacement light switch for your traditional wall switches. It can be controlled by handy APP, remote control or voice control, you can even set different scenes to match your mood. Begin to replace your traditional light switch with this smart touch control switch to transform your home into the intelligent one.

The glass touch panel looks more elegant while giving you the sensitive touch control experience. The powerful backlight can be turned on or off via Smart Life APP. You can also set the timer to let the backlight turn on or off on its own. Turn off the backlight so that it will not disturb your night sleep while turning it on to find the buttons exactly when you want to control the switch manually at night.

Simple and practical, the wall switch panel is good for your smart home. It uses PC flame retardant material and comes with presets scene button with single tap, double tap or long press. This will make your smart home life convenient.

S Series Scene Panel Wall Switch

Six Buttons

Add beauty and convenience to your home with our Scene Panel Wall Switch. Featuring six buttons, this panel is made using PC flame retardant materials and glass. It has 12 different scenes which can be activated by a single click, double click or long button pressed. And because it directly replaces an existing traditional switch, no complex rewiring is required.

The Touch Control panel is designed to be simple and easy to use. Both the touch control and the backlight features make it a great addition to any home. The backlight can be turned on or off via Smart Life APP, as well as set to turn on/off at a given time interval. Turn off the backlight so that it will not disturb your night sleep while turning it on to find the buttons exactly when you want to control the switch manually at night.

The Scene Panel Wall Switch is a perfect add-on for your smart home. This smart switch can be used as two independent devices in dual control mode, or as one device in multi-control mode. It’s useful for your everyday use and its design makes your home look neat too!


Smart Plug (CN)

Discover a world of smart home convenience with our Smart Plug. Through Smart Life App, it can remotely turn on/off appliances that are plugged in. With a timer switch, you can also schedule your appliances to turn on/off at pre-set times.

The Smart Plug is small in size and more space-saving through reasonable size design. In addition, it is compatible with any sockets, and can be used as a multi-socket.

This smart plug monitors the energy consumption of your appliance and displays the information on its RGB ring. The smart Plug is designed to use with any socket to remotely control the power of your appliances and switch on/off, check status, adjust volume and set timers with the Smart Life App. It can also can detect the AC voltage which works in the plug-in and send out alerts if any abnormal situations occur.

Smart plug is a revolutionary socket that can make your dumb home smart. It adopts new intelligent chip technology, featuring control power remotely, protection against voltage leakage, metal alloy casing and a low-voltage lamp flicker protection function. The child safety front door design makes the product safe from electric shock.


In-Wall Switch

Add smart control to existing legacy switches inside your home. In-Wall Switch or Dual In-Wall Switch lets you replace existing legacy switches into an existing fixture or gang box. Smart Home ready in-wall power switch provides an easy way to convert a standard wall switch into a gateway connected light switch without the hassle of rewiring your walls. Unlike other smart wall switches that sit under your paneling or require special wiring, the slim design of In-Wall Switch allows for mounting directly in your wall or underlying gang box.

Our In-Wall Switch can monitor and check energy consumption in real-time and support various smart scenes. It is used to control electrical equipment, such as lamps and lights, curtains, on a tiny body but strong functionality. Set different smart scene modes to realize true smarter home. Every mode is a treat, every vibe is just right!


In-Wall Dimmer

Transform your existing light switch into a smart dimmer without the need to replace it. Simply wire the in-wall dimmer behind the original switch, then control your lights with your Smart Life App. With no new wires, this is the easiest way to add intelligence to your home. You can also see energy consumption in real-time and set different life scene modes to realize intelligent control of electrical equipment.

Easy to install and fit in your light switch, the In-Wall Dimmer makes it simple to control the light brightness in your home. With a convenient installation process that does not require any drilling or wiring of any kind, you can simply follow the instructions and get started. The In-Wall Dimmer consists of high-quality materials that are dustproof and waterproof, anti-heat and anti-pressure, anti-flaming and anti-aging.


Air switch 32A, 63A

This Miniature Air Circuit Breaker can be used to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by excess current resulting from an overload or short circuit. The breaker can be mounted on DIN rail, but the rail is not included with the product. As a safety feature, this item includes protection against indirect contacts and additional protection against direct contacts. It has been tested and meets UL safety standards and suitable for use in residential buildings.