Gateway Series

The Brain of Smart Homes

Smart Home Gateway

One remote for all of your home can be a thing of the past. Our commander-in-chief does more than simplify your life—it helps keep it secure. The Yitoa Smart Home System is a gateway that controls lighting, temperature and more from one remote—giving you peace of mind as well as easy access to your smart home automation.


The Smart Home Gateway enables you to create and customize different life scenes with the push of a button. It gives you tons of options for every mood or setting you to want, and automatically switches between modes whenever you meet an unexpected situation or change your mind about the lighting in your home.

The Smart Home gateway can work with any device that is compatible with Zigbee, Z-wave, and other protocol devices. This makes it easy to integrate other smart household devices into your home automation system. It also gives you flexibility in your communication methods and the ability to create custom commands for the built-in scheduling feature.

The Smart Home Gateway is the key to unlocking your home. Control your smart products from anywhere, set different life scene modes with one click, and get started having fun!

Touch Gateway

Touch Gateway is a smart home controller for your home. It’s designed to make it easy for you to control the lights, heating, and other home services from your smartphone or smartwatch. Touch Gateway is easy to set up and simple to use, allowing it to learn your daily habits and customize appliances accordingly. The app makes it even easier by programming lighting schedules based on sunrise and sunset to your location.


The Touch Gateway 4-inch is the ideal solution for any application or environment in which you want a simple, reliable intelligent display. You can count on it to respond quickly, without fail. The new version also provides an interface with a beautiful look and feel to help you enjoy great productivity.

The go-to control hub system integrates just about everything inside the house and for automating repetitive tasks. Coupled with amazing voice command and media control, the Touch Gateway lets you control home devices from anywhere in the world – even if you’re not there.

Play all of your favorite songs, movies, and more. Enjoy the many features and benefits at your fingertips. Monitor security remotely, and set your thermostat so your home is warm or cool even before you get home. With touchscreen, keypad, voice, and app access, you can create a smart home that’s uniquely yours.