Enjoy your happy hours with friends in weekend by triggering customized party scene to close curtain, flicker lights and turn on BGM through one click on Touch or your mobile phone. Or trigger Movie mode by one key to close curtain, darken lights, turn on projector and start you personal movie time.


Smart Entertainment with One click

Change ambient light as you wish.

TV, movie & music all under control.

Voice, vocal way for wireless command.

Setting your own entertainment system.

Customize function of universal remote.


Smart Entertainment Meets All Your Needs.

All that you need in an entertainment system where the
choice of music streamed to any part of your house and outside, 
schedule to binge watch your favorite online channels,
 all done from one central gateway. 

Let's Party!

Invites some friend to your home for a party, 
bathing yourselves in the gentle light and smooth
music and enjoying your intimate time.

Instant Personal Cinema

Turn on your personal cinema to enjoy a movie after dinner by
one click then devices will do the rest themselves:
curtain closes itself and lights darken to particular luminance,
projector starts playing the movie.

Panoramic Music

Let music surround you when you are admiring beautiful scenery, 
dinning with someone you love or reading your favorite poem, 
creating a relaxing space that special for you.