Energy Saving

Yitoa SmartLife system supports remote control of electrical equipment in the home, as well as monitoring the working status and energy consumption of electrical equipment, real-time monitoring of the electricity situation in the home.


Cut Cost by Tracking Energy Use

Leak detection and flood prevention.

Heat or cool home as you need.

Program lightings to turn on and off.

Manage energy use of plugged devices.

Detect gas leak and fire prevention.

Monitor your electronics energy use.


Smart Scheduling Energy Use

Fantem smart switch supports the function of timer switch setting. You can turn off the electrical equipment that is not necessary for long-term standby, and intelligently control the power supply and power off of kitchen and bathroom appliances.

Smart Tracking and Detection of Energy Use

Smart Tracking and Detection of Energy Use helps you spot energy waste at home, allowing you to use your electrical equipment more scientifically, reducing unnecessary standby time, saving energy, and protecting the environment.

Smart Life App Control

Smart life APP remote control, a one-button remote that lets youcontrol the power of electrical equipment at home. Use it to check the power and switch status of various electrical appliances in your home. With the smartphone app, you can remotely control the power switch of electrical equipment.