Security Mode

This security system allows you to view images from closed circuit monitoring points indoors or outdoors at any time and anywhere. You can also check videos that occurred earlier through local recording or cloud recordings by touch or mobile phone. Once an intruder is discovered, the Security system will be triggered and an automatic alarm will be issued to notify the owner or relevant security personnel in time to prevent illegal or criminal activities from happening. These include fire and gas leakage monitoring, emergency alarms for elderly and children, etc.


Advantages of Yitoa Smart Life Securities

Dead Zone-Free Monitoring

Strong Compatibility

Modernized Home

DIY Home Automation

Intrusion Alarm Notification

Real-time Monitoring

Remote Voice Deterring

Support up to 232 Node Devices


Smart Security Devices

MultiSensor (6 in 1/ 3 in 1)

MultiSensor can detect Humidity, Light and Temperature from multiple connected devices automatically. 

Door / Window Sensor

 Set it up to trigger an automated routine when you arrive home from work, or open the door at the end of the day.

Multi-Functional Sensor

Multi-functional Sensor has many different sensors: It combines 4 parameters to measure temperature, humidity, luminance and motion. 

Carbon Moxide Detector

The CO detector uses a high performance electrochemical sensor that works by converting the electrical energy generated by combustion into an analog signal.

Smart Smoke Sensor

Trigger alarm and inform user through mobile phone once smoke is detected, warning user to take related action to protect the home.

Smart Gas Sensor

Our gas detector identifies combustible gas leakage and dangerous situations caused by the leakage of flammable gas.