We believe lighting our homes should be more than a mere utility, it should bring warmth and comfort to any space.

Smart lighting is a lot more than turning your lights on and off. With smart lights and smart switches, you can create the perfect ambience in every room of your home, schedule lights to come on at different times, or link groups of devices together to trigger a chain reaction. The Yitoa Smart Lighting system lets you do all that and more — wherever you are.

Why Smart Lighting?

Security & Safety

Have you ever come home to a dark house? Then you know how easy it is to get robbed while you’re away. Set lights to turn on randomly while you’re away so your home looks occupied, even if nobody is inside.


Perfect for the night owl, this smart lighting system automatically turns lights off at night and on again in the morning. You can also schedule your lighting with a simple command or schedule, which makes sure that it doesn’t stay on all night long like some other emitters do. 

Health & Wellness

Changing your surroundings to suit your mood is a simple way to improve your health. The color of light has a big impact on our circadian rhythm and can help us feel more energized during the day and wind down at night.

Why Us

How we do it

Fantem Advantage

Our Expertise

You can now make your home into a smart home! Smart lighting is the future of home automation, as it allows you to control your lights from anywhere at any time with an app or by voice command. Set schedules, dim lights, or turn them on or off using virtual buttons. Yitoa Smart Lighting can make it all happen to your home.

We build it for you


If you’re looking to upgrade your home lighting and want the convenience of a smart home and needed to install a bunch of individual light bulbs, consider our support technicians. We are here to guide you in having a perfect illumination.

Control anywhere


The Yitoa Smart Lighting app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android. After physical installation, app integration, you can include the device in the system by adding each devices in the system and create scenes.

What you need

Our Products

Smart LED Strip
& LED Controller


Add a touch of creativity and fun to your home with smart strip lights! Whether you’re looking for task lighting in the kitchen or some eye-catching decorations around the fireplace, these versatile lights can do it all. Smart strip lights are made of a flexible rubbery material with LEDs embedded, so they can be easily extended or trimmed down to fit your needs. With special modes like music sync and schedules. Smart Strip Lights are a great way to spice up your home décor.

144 Brightness

2000 Output brightnes lumens

16 Million

Dynamic color rendering

Intelligent Scheduler

Customize time switches

Light and Sound Sync

Vivid light dances with the music

Easy and Quick Pairing

Intelligent linkage on the smart hub


Peel-off and stick easy on surfaces


Easy to bend at any shape


Safety wet proofing silicone tube

Voice Control

With voice control, you can “call” color for yourself anytime, anywhere. Open the app on your mobile phone or use the Alexa, Siri, Genie – and let the fun begin.

Light Dance

You can synchronize the light strobes with the music that is perfect for parties and events. It visually stimulates you to groove and have a good time with friends.


Lights can be set to dim or lit at natural colors that are easy on the eyes. This prevents damage to your eyesight and provides a comfortable environment for working on projects or watching TV.

Smart LED Strip COB-480

The COB Strip Light is an incredible source of high-quality lighting. Create a scene with timer function, this makes it super convenient to come home to a lit up house. You can choose whether you want to use your phone, a remote control or manually power your strip light. Its 5M long self-adhesive design lets you peel it off and re-stick it without leaving ugly residue. It’s perfect for under cabinet lighting, dressing mirror, closet lights around the house, stairway lighting and more!


LED Controller

This LED Controller is designed to be ultra-slim and compact, and can easily be concealed within a wall or ceiling cavity.  It is multi-directional, so you can control lights at any angle within 49 ft/15 m. The single remote can pair with multiple installations for multi-zone LED lighting control.

Enjoy private cinema at home.

The Ambient light creates an immersive cinema experience. Don’t just watch the movie, be part of it!

Create romantic atmosphere in one click.

Illuminate your love with 16 million light colors, preset modes and  can create indelible memories of life time.

Cool DIY immersive experience.

The colorful backlight creates a new dimension, making content creation and gaming more immersive.

Sleep at ease.

Make the night easier for your baby now with this light. The color of this light will adjust based on your baby’s mood to help them sleep comfortably just like wrapped in mother’s love.

Smart Droplights